Advantage for Passer
Strong Proof of Qualified IT Professional
In a rapidly evolving IT industry, employers can find it difficult to assess the employees with the right skills and knowledge.
Therefore, IT professionals with certifications on their resume command better jobs, higher salaries, career advancement, and more doors open to new job opportunities.
ITPEC Common Examination provides vender-neutral IT certifications that prove the comprehensive IT skills and knowledge required for IT jobs.
Competitive Advantage in Job Market
Employers know that people with IT skills are more productive. They are more efficient in carrying out tasks that could otherwise be time-consuming. They use IT more effectively and waste less time troubleshooting IT issues. Employers want employees who are skilled and who will contribute to achieving the goals of the business in the most efficient, effective, and productive manner.
ITPEC Common Examination provides IT Passport certification that prove the IT skills and knowledge required for today's workplace.
Government Certified IT Skills and Knowledge
ITPEC Common Examination is a national IT examination in ITPEC countries (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, and Bangladesh).
The official certificate of ITPEC common examination is highly reliable since it is issued by each government.
Common IT Certification in 7 Countries
ITPEC Common Examination is a common yardstick of IT skills and knowledge in 7 Asian countries including Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, and Bangladesh. Once you get the official certificate of ITPEC common examination, your IT knowlege and skills are valid in those 7 countries.
Big Appeal to Japanese IT Companies
ITPEC Common Examination is based on the Information Technology Engineers Examination in Japan, which is the biggest IT examination and de facto IT standard in Japan.
For this reason, once you get the ITPEC Common Examination Certificate, it will be a big appeal to Japanese IT companies.
Preferential Immigration Treatment of Japan
Due to the mutual recognitions concluded between Japanese government and ITPEC member countries, preferential immigration treatment of Japan is given to FE and AP passers. Passing these FE and AP examinations will give you the big chance to work in Japan as an IT engineer.

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